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Rock-N-Wash® Services

Touchless AND Friction Automatic Car Wash

Who likes to wait in line behind half a dozen cars for up to half an hour or longer?

At Rock-N-Wash®, we’ve taken the long wait out of the experience. We’ve worked closely with the best manufacturer (s) to design a 150-foot conveyor hybrid tunnel that can handle upward of 100 cars per hour (that’s right, 100 cars per hour!).

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a quick basic wash or the “King” wash package that includes triple foam conditioner, top-of-the-line protectant, or getting your tires scrubbed and shined, we’ve got you covered! That means you can get your vehicle in and be back on the road within minutes. Best of all, with our monthly unlimited wash packages, you can stop by as often as you want to keep your car and/or truck looking fab!

Advanced Self-Wash Bays

With our patent-pending design, you can drive into the building, obtain a complimentary undercarriage wash at the entrance, see immediately which one of our modern 17 x 21-foot bays is available (due to our fog-free environment and LED signal lights), and wash your vehicle without having to worry about a punch card timer or running out of tokens just before you’re done. Then, after your vehicle is spotlessly clean, drive straight out with no backing up required whatsoever.

At Rock-N-Wash®, we might be using new technology, but we remember the classics, too. So, you will find all the traditional wash options you need, but with additional extras like: air for tire filling, dry carpet shampoo, spot-free rinse, bug remover and even fragrance scent. You’ll even get to make your vehicle look and smell great while enjoying some good 50’s & 60’s rock-n-roll music.

Truck and RV Bays

With two huge 178-foot Truck and RV bays, we’re ready to wash even the biggest set of wheels. However, there is much more to our Truck and RV services than just size – customers can wash down big rigs using our foam cannons, fire hoses, heavy-duty engine degreaser, left and right foam brushes, and bulk windshield washer fluid. In fact, two people can be washing a big rig at the same time! And, you’re going to love the fact that our bays are bright and easily accessible, no matter what kind of turning radius you need.

Rock-N-Wash® RV Sani-Dump Station

If you’re tired of waiting in line at the campground, or need some fresh water before heading out with your RV, our easy-access RV station is the solution you’ve been looking for.

Rock-N-Wash® Retail Store

Stop in when you need something for the road, meet our friendly staff, or just drop in for a milkshake! In our retail store, you’ll find a number of vehicle cleaning-related products, gift cards, and snacks, so you can leave feeling just as fresh and renewed as your vehicle will look.

Loyalty Program

And, don’t forget to sign up for the Rock-N-Wash® Loyalty Groovy Club Program, which offers several benefits:

  • Accumulate 10% saving on each wash
  • A FREE car wash on your birthday
  • Regular promotional discounts
  • Information on community events
  • Cross-promotions with our affiliates

Sign up for our GROOVY CLUB program by speaking to one of our associates in our Rock-N-Wash® retail store. It only takes a moment, but you could save on car washes for years to come.

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