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Monthly Unlimited Wash Packages


If your vehicle needs frequent TLC, our 3 flexible Monthly Unlimited Wash Packages offer you convenience, speed and affordability. Our Monthly Members enjoy the convenience of our Radio Frequency Identification technology and the speed of our 100 feet touchless tunnel. You will be in and out in approximately 3 minutes, seriously! All of our packages also offer Spot Free Rinse.

To become a member, simply complete our Monthly Subscription agreement, select either “The Big Bopper – $49.99”, “The Fab – $59.99” or “The King – $69.99” package, obtain a Radio Frequency Windshield Rock-N-Wash™ Identification sticker from one of our staff members and Voila! No more waiting in long line up at a traditional Car Wash, no more handling of tokens, you will enjoy the convenience & the speed for a fixed monthly price.

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