Revolutionizing The Car Wash Experience®

Rock-N-Wash® is back and ready to revolutionize the car wash industry with an epic national expansion in Canada! Our visionary company has introduced a groundbreaking experiential destination wash facility that goes above and beyond. Offering an impressive array of 12 synergistic services to meet the needs of retail, commercial, and industrial customers, Rock-N-Wash® stands as the very first of its kind in Canada!

While the car wash industry has been booming in the United States for the last 7+ years, the Canadian market has remained underdeveloped, plagued by outdated technology with a lack of consolidation. This environment is the perfect breeding ground for the disruptive force that is Rock-N-Wash®. We’re here to transform the car wash experience by combining entertainment and engagement with cutting-edge technology, catering to both individual consumers and fleet customers.

Our innovative approach is strategically designed with multiple recurring revenue streams that result in healthy EBIDTA margins.


What sets us apart is that our model is not just a concept; it’s patented, scalable, and deeply rooted in community values.

Rock-N-Wash® doesn’t stop there. Our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) platform takes a leading role in environmental stewardship. We’re on track to achieve a remarkable lifetime reduction of 5,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions per site. Moreover, our water recycling operations are preserving the equivalent of around 20 Olympic-size swimming pools of fresh potable water per site per year. Our sites are meticulously targeted for LEED certification, reflecting our commitment to sustainable, eco-friendly building practices.

As we embark on this exciting journey, our confidence is bolstered by a proven business model and an experienced operator. We harness the operational performance data from our previously owned site to pave the way for future projections. Rock-N-Wash® is not just a car wash; it’s a game-changer, a trendsetter, and a testament to our commitment to reinventing the Canadian car wash experience. Join us on our epic journey and be part of this incredible transformation!

The Difference

Join us in embracing the Rock-N-Wash® advantage, where pioneering design, diversified revenue, a powerhouse team, and unwavering customer loyalty converge to redefine the car wash experience.

We are not just a car wash; we are a customer-centric powerhouse. Our loyalty programs and discounts, including Groovy members, gift card holders, fleet account owners, and monthly unlimited users underscore the exceptional stickiness of our clientele. With a collaborative team extending across various areas of expertise, along with our Board of Advisors, we are set to turn our vision into a reality.

Customer Segmentation

Fleets (commercial, industrial)
Gift Card Users
Loyalty Members
Monthly Subscribers
Retail Users
RV – Motorhomes
Classic / Muscle Cars
Boats, ATV, Toys
Car Clubs
Pet lovers
And more…

Outshining the competition, Leading the Way


This cornerstone of Rock-N-Wash®’s success delivers a protected competitive edge. Our design allows us to service vehicles that traditional car washes can’t handle. The safer drive thru bays reduce collision risks and increase through put, leading to higher revenue, substantial savings on commercial insurance, and a much better consumer experience, ultimately leading to great loyalty.


We offer 12 synergistic services tailored to the retail, commercial, and industrial clients. The typical automatic express tunnel wash business model only have 1 or 2 revenue streams. We achieve 70% recurring revenue, surpassing the Canadian industry’s transaction revenue average by an impressive 37%.


Our inaugural site earned the title of “Consumer’s Favorite” for an impressive five consecutive years, securing five Consumer’s Choice Awards


Supporting and engaging in our community is part of our DNA, from fundraisers to our free community lounge.

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