“Revolutionizing The Car Wash Experience®”

When you drive into Rock-N-Wash®, we think you’ll understand right away. Not only do we have drive-in-and-out bays big enough to accommodate a B-Train, we’ve done away with old punch cards, inconvenient tokens, dirty rags, and the dark, foggy spaces that you’ve probably learned to dread. And, we haven’t just replaced them with cleaner washing areas and modern technology, but also with the kind of fun and friendly atmosphere that hasn’t been around for decades.


Rock-N-Wash® is a patented multi-complementary services destination offering a vibrant Rock’N’Roll themed consumer experience with 16 self-wash bays, 4 Truck & RV bays, a Sani-dump station, a no-wait express automatic tunnel able to wash 90+ vehicles per hour, a retail store, a retro 50s & 60s Diner, 2 Pet Washes, self-detailing services, full detailing services, 2 EV charging stations, several complimentary exterior vacuums, a fun retro style community lounge available for the community and car clubs. Rock-N-Wash® also offers a loyalty program with FREE wash on your B-day, perks, a monthly unlimited automatic fixed price pass, a fleet discount program and discounted gift card program.

Community Engagement:

Rock-N-Wash® is actively engaged with the local communities. They regularly host fundraising events for local non-profit organizations and sponsor show and shine meetups as well as cruise nights for several car clubs. Their facility offers a multipurpose Community Retro Lounge where car enthusiasts can host birthday parties, Car Clubs can have meetings and customers can relax while their car is being detailed.

Environmental Stewardship:

Alberta Government Grants
Accordingly, it is the first Canadian-based Car Wash to be recognized and awarded two grants by the Alberta government through Emissions Reduction Alberta (ERA) for its positive environmental impact. They continue to pursue additional ESG related grants.

Grey Water Recycling
We were the first company in Alberta on record approved to recycle grey water. They have learned a lot operating our first site with off the shelf water recycling technology and have since added our own processes to effectively recycle 80%+ of the fresh potable water they consume from the municipality while ensuring wastewater discharged to the municipality is free of contaminants.

LEED Certification
We plan to design all our future facilities to adhere to the LEED® certification. They have 2 LEED certified consultants on our Advisory board to guide us through the process. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED® is an international symbol of sustainability excellence and green building leadership.

LED Lights, Motion Sensors, Variable Frequency Drive
We use 100% LED with motion sensors to reduce our power consumption. Additionally, each of our pump stands is equipped with a variable frequency drive which offset up to 30% of power consumption due to the reduced inrush power demand.

Rapid Overhead Doors
We use high-speed overhead doors to reduce entry/exit wait times, reduce the amount of heat loss (which lowers the amount of GHG produced and operating costs) and increase security. Combined these enhance the customer experience.

Biodegradable Chemicals
By choice, we have selected very specific chemicals that are not harmful to the municipalities’ water treatment plants and the environment. Our clients are happy with the chemicals we use and so is our municipality.

We believe the steps Rock-N-Wash® is taking are vast strides in improving the environmental impact of the car wash industry.



For all the rockin’ things we can tell you about Rock-N-Wash®, the biggest hits are always better when you experience them live. So, to see the absolute best in current car & truck wash technology matched up to 50’s & 60’s nostalgia, come Rock-N-Wash® with us today. Or, stop by to enjoy some good old rock-n-roll music or try one of our milkshakes. Who knows, you may even run into Elvis and or Marilyn, who are known to visit once in a while!