First to recycle grey water with full compliance in Alberta

  • We were the FIRST business to ever recycle grey water in Alberta with full compliance
    o We recycle the equivalent of ~20 Olympic size swimming pool annually of fresh potable water
    o We recycle and reuse 80%+ of the fresh potable water we consume from the municipality
  • We capture and reuse rainwater
  • Our sites are LEED targeted
  • We use 100% LED lights
  • We leverage motion sensors for bay occupancy. If a bay is vacant, the LED lights consume only 30% power, if occupied, we run at 100% while it is occupied
  • We produce renewable power energy on site
  • We use 100% biodegradable chemicals;  zero phosphate-based chemicals
  • We capture and dispose of oil, grease, paint, and diesel contaminants upstream vs. discharging to the municipalities
  • We strategically use a building envelope with minimal construction material disposal to the landfill and high insulation value
  • We use rapid overhead doors allowing us to save heat loss and reduce natural gas & power consumption
  • We capture the heat from our mechanical room to pre-heat the water before entering the boilers to further decrease our natural gas consumption for heating up the water
  • We use variable frequency drive on all site motors