Invest in the future of the Canadian car wash industry!

Investing in private companies has previously been reserved for the wealthy and or connected.

At Rock-N-Wash®, we are known to do things differently and disrupt the industry. As such, we are excited to offer our Rock-N-Wash® Fans and community members an opportunity to become a co-owner with us through equity crowdfunding, which enables you to invest in Rock-N-Wash® from as little as $250.

Rock-N-Wash® is on a mission to revolutionize the Canadian car wash industry, and now is your chance to join on this journey.

We aren’t just another car wash company.

Rock-N-Wash® is a patented multi-complementary services facility offering a vibrant Rock’N Roll themed consumer experience with 16 self-wash bays, 4 Truck & RV bays, a Sani-dump station, a no-wait express automatic tunnel able to wash 90+ vehicles per hour, a retail store, a retro 50s & 60s Diner, 2 Pet washes, self-detailing services, full detailing services, 2 EV charging stations, several complimentary exterior vacuums and a fun retro style community lounge available for the community & car clubs. Rock-N-Wash® also offers a variety of loyalty programs with a FREE wash on your B-Day, a monthly unlimited automatic fixed price pass, a fleet discount program, and a gift card with bonus program.

RNW recycles and reuses 80%+ of the fresh potable water consumed, uses 100% LED lights with motion sensors and earth-friendly chemicals. We are creating a community that is built on an engaging, fun environment coupled with retail, commercial and industrial consumer services.

Change is inevitable and the Canadian car wash industry is ripe for disruption.

What We’ve Accomplished

The pilot site in Edmonton cultivated a recurring revenue rate of 70%+ due to our unique, experiential car wash model that served as a community hub for car enthusiasts, car and motorcycle clubs, fleet accounts and those looking for more than just a car wash.

Our business model yielded an average revenue per transaction 37% higher than the Canadian industry average and was voted by the consumers as a favorite several consecutive years running

What's next?

We are raising $20 Million CAD to expand the Rock-N-Wash® proven model across Canada through the development of new properties and starting with our construction ready site in Sherwood Park, Alberta.

Investment Highlights

Become a co-owner at the Parent Company for as little as $250.00+ AND also receive shares in the ownership of 20% of the issued Patent and Trademarks Company.

You will enjoy dividends and royalty distributions. Patent and Trademarks ownership will only be available on this first round of financing.

Gain access to our co-owner community email list and become a member of our RNW network.

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