Patented Drive Thru Self-Wash Bays

With our patented design, you can drive into the building, obtain a complimentary undercarriage wash, see immediately which one of our modern 18 x 22-foot bays is available and wash your vehicle without having to worry about a punch card timer or running out of tokens just before you’re done. Then, after your vehicle is spotlessly clean, drive straight out with no backing up required whatsoever. You’ll even get to make your vehicle look and smell great while enjoying some good 50’s & 60’s rock-n-roll music.

Truck and RV Bays

With two huge 178-foot Truck and RV bays equipped with cat walks, we’re ready to wash even the biggest set of wheels. However, there is much more to our Truck and RV services than just size – customers can wash down big rigs using our foam cannons, fire hoses, heavy-duty engine degreaser, left and right foam brushes. In fact, two people can be washing a big rig at the same time! You’re going to love the fact that our bays are bright and easily accessible, no matter what kind of turning radius you need.

Express Automatic Wash

Who likes to wait in line behind half a dozen cars for up to half an hour or longer? We’ve taken the long wait out of the wash experience. Our state-of-the-at express automatic can wash up to 5 vehicles at the same time and gets you in and out in less than 5 minutes. That’s right, 150-foot conveyor tunnel handle upward of 90 cars per hour.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a quick basic wash or the “King” wash package that includes triple foam conditioner, top-of-the-line protectant, or getting your tires scrubbed and shined, we’ve got you covered! That means you can get your vehicle in and be back on the road within minutes. Best of all, with our monthly unlimited wash packages, you can stop by every day if you want to keep your vehicle looking fab!

RV Sani-Dump Station

If you’re tired of waiting in line at the campground or need some fresh water before heading out with your RV, our easy-access RV station is the solution you’ve been looking for. If you wash with us, you can use our Sani-dump station for FREE!

Retail Store

Stop in when you need something for the road, meet our friendly staff, or just drop in for a refreshment! In our retail store, you will find several vehicle cleaning-related products, gift cards, and snacks. Our retail store has 50s & 60s candies, glass bottles of Coca Cola and a bunch more fun items to help bring you back to the nostalgic era.

Retro Community Lounge

Come check out our Retro Community Lounge upstairs. Hang out there while you wait for your ride to be detailed, grab a snack at the diner and chat with a friend, turn back time and peruse some cool collectables OR use it as a fun way to show the youngsters how a few things were “back in your day”. Sound like fun? We are happy to lend it to you for B-Day parties, fundraising events, Car Club meets, or whatever other community event you may have in mind…for FREE! Come talk to us…

Full Detailing

Yes please! We offer a full range of detailing services to meet your needs. Let us baby your pride and joy so you can roll out of here with a smile of your face and a gleam on your hood. You may even want to put a special dressing on your boots. We offer a groovy selection of detailing services.


Don’t need a full detailing package, but you do have a couple of things your vehicle needs a little TLC on? No problem! Rent one of our self-detailing bays, use our products & equipment and take care of that yourself in short order.

Pet Washes

Did your beloved pet turn into a muddy mess, have “too much” slobbery fun at the off-leash park or find a not so friendly skunk? Well, that happens. What you don’t want is that mess in your house so bring it to us. We can’t guarantee Fido will enjoy baths any better, but we know you will love our pet wash center! We have a dedicated room with 2 oversized tubs that the big pups can walk into on a ramp if need be AND lift shelves for the little guys. You won’t break your back hunching over a tub and your fur baby will enjoy the gripped tub base in our fibreglass tubs. No crazy loud metal tubs here to scare your 4-legged creature. You can even use your Groovy Club membership if you like and enjoy all the perks of the program.

EV Charging Stations

The future is here! We see more and more Electric Vehicles on the road but there are just not enough charging stations around, we thought “now there is something our people could use”. So, we installed 2 fast charging EV charging stations for you! Come visit with us while your ride recharges. You may want to enjoy a snack at the diner or sit for some quite time in the Community Retro Lounge.

Exterior Vacuums

Gravel is gathering up on your floor mats or you have enough Cheerios under that car seat to feed a meal to the dog? Come use our FREE exterior vacuums…we have several! You do not need to have a subscription, just come use the vacuums for FREE if you like. No exterior motors simply mean a quieter experience and in ground heating ensures no ice should you be visiting us in the chiller times of the year. Either way, we are here to revolutionise your car wash experience®.